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Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock

Posted 2 weeks ago
Believe It or Not - Millions Of Bikes Are Stolen Every Year, Even With Bike Locks! But The Major Reason Being The Inconvenience Of Carrying A Lock With You At All Times! As opposed to Heavy and Bulky U-Locks and Chains that most bikers use and hate today, The Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock is a super-convenient solution, having the ability to fold into a compact shape, and still maintain premium levels of heavy-duty security. The compact shape of our lock takes up much less space than a traditional U-Lock making it the most practical yet highly secure lock. KEY BENEFITS: The Best Alternative to U-Locks Portable & Compact - Easy To Carry Indestructible Construction Maximum Theft-Protection 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee What Makes The Best Bike Lock On The Market? ⮕ FLEXIBILITY Have you ever ever tried fitting a U/D lock around a tree or lamp post? You've probably tried it once and realized it would not be possible! The flexibility of The Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock gives you more places to lock your bike around than a rigid U/D lock. ⮕ ENGINEERED FOR SECURITY Our engineering mission is driven by a desire to provide users with ultra-high quality products made from the best possible materials to deliver seamless performance with more appropriate features that address your needs. The Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock does just that! ⮕ DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND The integrated design means that your lock is in one piece so you don’t have to struggle trying to fix separate parts together and it doesn't rattle when being carried. ⮕ MAXIMUM THEFT-PROOF DESIGN Stops theft, pickers, pullers, and keeps drillers in their tracks! The sturdy build of Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock makes it bearable against drills, hammers, and any other type of tool that unlocks traditional locks. ⮕ QUICK INSTALLATION The device is extremely easy to use and comes with a proprietary key designed just for the Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock Simply insert the key and turn counter-clockwise to unlock, stretch it out to your desired length, latch onto the frame of your bike and tire, and turnkey again to lock. ⮕ PORTABLE AND COMPACT Folds to a compact shape and has the ability to be stored inside the frame-mounted case. Mount it anywhere on your bike at your convenience! ⮕ THE BEST U-LOCK ALTERNATIVE Carry the Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock and go for a ride without worrying about thieves at all, our lock guarantees the best protection your bike needs. SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 31" / 78 cm Weight: 20 oz / 570 g Folded Size: 2.9" x 2.6" x 2.2" / 7.5 x 6.6 x 5.5 cm Material: Zinc-Alloy + HRC45 Heated Steel Key: PA6 + 59 Copper PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 x Heavy-Duty Industrial Bike Lock 3 x Keys 1 x Mount 2 x Skidproof Mounting Straps 2 x Mounting Screws

  1. $54.95 SELLING PRICE
  2. $29.05 PRODUCT COST
  3. $25.90 PROFIT MARGIN
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