Getting Started

What is Ecomhunt? / What services does Ecomhunt provide?

Ecomhunt is the all-in-one product research platform for Dropshippers with everything you will ever need to run a successful online store. From handpicked winning products with all the needed data & analytics to exclusive Dropshipping features to help you make more sales. Our goal is to help you make sales with proven to sell products and not waste your money on products that don’t sell. And if you’re new to selling online, our professional learning resources will show you how it’s done completely from scratch.

Can I use Ecomhunt on other platforms or marketplaces?

Yes you can! Ecomhunt doesn’t limit the number of stores OR which Marketplace/Platform you choose to use. You can use Ecomhunt for your own online store hosted on Shopify or use it on marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay. You are free to use the platform of your choice and import/list any amount of products you like.

Do you have some kind of community?

Yes! Ecomhunt is a big family and we put a lot of work into keeping it this way. Every member is part of our big family and we want to help him/her succeed! After the sign up process, we will send you an email with our group link on Facebook. Or you can also search for us on Facebook - "Ecomhunt Official''

Are you on Youtube and Instagram?

Yes we are! You can find our official Youtube channel by clicking https://www.youtube.com/@Ecomhunt or by simply searching for “Ecomhunt” on Youtube. As for Instagram, you can find our official channel by clicking https://www.instagram.com/ecomhunt_official/ or also by searching for @ecomhunt_official. We upload content on a daily/weekly basis with tons of value so make sure you follow us.


How often the products on Ecomhunt are updated?

Everyday! The number of the products we add on a daily-basis depends on the quality of the products available on the Ecom Market. We focus on the value of the products, not the quantity because the product must match the winning product criteria. Our product list is growing faster everyday, and we're working on adding more categories.

What's so special about the products found on Ecomhunt?

We have a professional product research team that picks winning products to sell based on their own unique criterias. Our highly experienced team of product researchers will make sure you don’t waste your money on bad products!

What are the features you offer?

Ecomhunt isn’t just a curation of winning products for online sellers to sell. We also have many features that will help you get valuable data on products, track products, get extra product suggestions with A.I, spy on competitors and much more. We can talk about each feature and its benefits for days, so it’s best for you to check them out for yourselves and see their full potential.

What do the FREE, BASIC, PRO, and SUITE Ecomhunt subscriptions offer?

As you may already know, running a big operation such as Ecomhunt isn’t cheap therefore it’s impossible for us to give everything for free… That’s why we also offer paid plans with a lot more features and products for users who want to really make it big with Ecommerce. This will help us keep Ecomhunt operational and always up to date while the users who are subscribed to a paid plan will get much more from Ecomhunt. A win-win for both of us ;)

What are the available advertising methods for Ecomhunt products?

There are plenty of ways available for you to advertise Ecomhunt products. Facebook ads, Google ads, or even by using Instagram influencers. Dropshipping on marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay is a good option too.

Where can I learn more about Dropshipping and Ecommerce?

Learn more about Dropshipping on our official Youtube channel or from our blog. We also have super detailed e-books and a full University course that will show you how to Dropship like a Pro. Suitable for any level, no technical skills or prior experience needed!

Can I use the video ads included with the products data in my campaigns?

The videos we link to are the ones used by other sellers and it’s only to show the user the engagement rate, and how the actual winning ad looks like. It’s best not to copy the same video ad you see because it is the same as stealing and also because ad platforms don’t like when the same content is republished all over again. Take inspiration from the winning video ads you see on Ecomhunt and create your own similar video ads. Either copy the same style or get creative and make a better video ad.

Can I save the products for easy reference later?

Yes. With Ecomhunt you are able to easily save and store your favorite Winning Products. Think of it as your own personal product testing list.

Can I use the product images available on Ecomhunt?

Yes you can. We put clean, high quality, and descriptive product images for you to use them in your store, your marketplace listings, and in your ad campaigns.


Which payment method is accepted on Ecomhunt?

We accept PayPal as a payment method. When choosing a paid plan, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment. Each transaction is safe & secured by PayPal.

What are recurring payments?

Our paid plans are subscription based which means that we use recurring payments, AKA (Autopay), to collect ‘X’ amount of money from your account every month or every year. The total you’ll have to pay each month/year depends on the plan you choose to subscribe to, and the payment is deducted on the due date of every billing cycle.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee refund option on any of our paid plans. If for any reason at all you want to cancel your membership within the 30-day time period, just contact our support and you’ll get a refund no questions asked. If more than 30 days from the date of payment have passed, then we encourage you to contact the Ecomhunt Support Team to resolve any issues you may be encountering. We are available 24/7 to give you assistance.

Is there a contract?

No contracts or agreements. Use Ecomhunt as long as you want and cancel your subscription anytime without any fees or penalties.

Is Ecomhunt safe and secure to use?

Yes. All of our payments are processed through PayPal and we are SSL certified. All your information is safe and secured.


Ecomhunt subscription confirmation Email not received?

If you didn't receive a subscription confirmation email from Ecomhunt, then please make sure to also check your 'Spam folder', 'Junk folder', 'Trash folder' or 'Bulk folder' for any messages from us. Depending on the filter you are using and your email host, you may be able to designate our emails as 'not spam' for them to arrive into your inbox.

I forgot my password?

No worries, simply click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the login page and you will be asked to provide your account email address to receive the reset password link. If by any chance this doesn’t work, then please contact our support team to solve this.


How much does Ecomhunt membership cost?

Ecomhunt offers 4 types of plans - Free, Basic, Pro, and Suite. Each plan has its own benefits with Pro & Suite plans being the most popular ones because they offer the most value and almost unlimited access. You can choose to subscribe to a monthly plan and pay each month or choose a yearly plan to get a big discount. Go to our Pricing Page: https://ecomhunt.com/pricing for more information about our plans, the costs, and what we offer.

Will the paid membership prices change in the future?

Maintaining so many employees and keeping the system running is quite costly… So we can never truly know what the future holds. But what we do promise is that the subscription price you paid when you joined Ecomhunt will NEVER change.

Do I have to pay for updates & new features?

Absolutely not! Each new update or feature we release on Ecomhunt is included in your Basic / Pro / Suite membership subscription. The only thing that changes is your access level which is different between each plan.

Is there an option to upgrade my plan?

Yes. You can always upgrade to a different plan in your account dashboard. Choose your desired plan and our system will calculate how much you need to add for that upgrade. A super simple and automated process that takes a minute or two.

Facebook Targeting

Why does the targeting included with the product data say "This targeting hasn't been tested"?

The Facebook ad targeting included with the product data is just a suggestion of how the interests should be added in your own campaigns. It’s a professional recommendation based on the experience of our product researchers and you should definitely try using the same interests in your campaigns as well. Just remember that each ad account is different and a lot more testing is required till you hit the right audience and make it roll.


How do I contact someone to get help?

We have a dedicated support team available for all your questions and needs. If you need anything, simply contact our support team via chat or at: [email protected]

Is there a professional who can assist me with my online business?

Running an online business can get a bit lonely, and it’s especially hard when you have a burning question and no one to ask about it. So we’ve made sure to have a professional online consultant who’s always there to help our Pro members 😉 It’s a 1-click LIVE chat support using Facebook’s messenger.