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Body/Facial Hair Trimmer

Posted 1 year ago
Everyone is getting crazy over this unique and multi-purpose hair trimmer invention,for a clean look, and a perfectly gromm facial hair in no time and with no effort. It can also be appliyed on eyebrowns,unibrows, and unwanted upper lip hair. The uniquely designed cutter heads prevent painful pulling, dragging and dry skin, giving you all the comfort. Due to its high performance blades it removes excess hair with full-angle, precision movement and undeniably. This tool has a great design and it's high quality also comes with an LED Light that offers illumination for those dark areas and thus is extra safe and convenient. Can be used by both men and women safe and secure!

  1. $29.99 SELLING PRICE
  2. $3.83 PRODUCT COST
  3. $20.16 PROFIT MARGIN
Available info:
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