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Funny Dog Usb

Posted 1 year ago
Do you want to bring any fun to your boring working office/ Study space? You must check this funny dog USB, one of the most funniest computer gadgets online, a must have for every dog lover. This Humping USB Powered Dog will continuously hump when connected with a USB port! Funny and unique USB that will make your friend laugh for sure! and it's compatible with any PC, will make a great gift for your friends and family. How to use: Simply Plug the doggy into any USB port of your computer or a hub and watch it and it will start humping right away. Notes:This USB is just a toy gift that makes your work to be less boring when you feel tired.It is with no memory capacity as a USB device.

  1. $13.99 SELLING PRICE
  2. $3.09 PRODUCT COST
  3. $10.9 PROFIT MARGIN
Available info:
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