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The Talking, Singing and Walking Duck

Posted 2 months ago
Kids Are Going Crazy For This Funny & Adorable Talking Plush Duck Toy! This adorable plush toy will literally repeat whatever you say to it! With a fluffy tall appearance, kids love to play and cuddle with it! Makes a great companion for kids! ✔ Ideal gift for kids ✔ Great for learning and development ✔ 11.8 inches tall ✔ USB rechargeable ✔ Suitable for ages 12 months+ ✔ Perfect for pets too Funny Interactive Toy The Talking Duck repeats whatever you say! If you giggle, it giggles; if you sing, it sings back to you in its funny duck voice! The talk-back function allows the duck to mimic everything you say no matter if you laugh, sing or speak any language. Your kids will love interacting with this toy! Helps Develop Kids Language Skills Some kids are shy to talk at a young age but this interactive plush duck toy will actively get kids to talk more and lead them to practice speech skills! As children talk to this duck toy, they’re also listening to the sound of their own voice, figuring out on their own how best to say what they want to say, and practicing their pronunciation skills. This interactivity will actively get your kids attention and lead them to better social development and makes a fun learning development tool especially for helping kids that have autism or ADHD. Multiple Play Functions Comes with two different play modes. When you turn the duck on it will hilariously repeat whatever you say. Press the duck's left-wing to play one of 200 built-in baby songs or use the right-wing for volume control. Moves & Walks Kids will love when this Talking Duck walks forward all on its own! Just place it on any flat even surface and whenever it talks you can watch it waddle forward. It also moves its body while it talks! Flaps & Quacks When You Pick It Up If you pick it up by its neck Talking Duck will flap its wings and quack frantically in a comical way USB Rechargeable Talking Duck comes included with a USB charging cable for its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Compatible with any USB wall charger, you can charge it for 2 hours and enjoy hours of play. No need to replace batteries! Safe For All Ages The Talking Duck is made from high quality, huggable plush material, and has a hidden on-off switch. Comes with safe embroidered details on surface-washable, baby-soft plush for hassle-free cleaning that stays soft even after countless uses. Soft and harmless material that won’t hurt a child's skin. The Perfect Gift The Talking Duck is a plush toy, but you'll get laughs and happy responses from all ages! Just imagine the reactions on everyone's faces when they see this adorable duck start to talk! Perfect for birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other important days. Easy Operation Simply switch it on, and talk to it. It will imitate your voice in a high-pitched funny voice. Flip the switch to the OFF position to conserve battery life when it is not being used. Surface-washable for easy cleaning - simply remove the motor from the velcro strap in the back. How To Use It Flip the switch to ON position and talk to it, it will start mimicking you. Flip the switch to the OFF position when not use it. Press the left wing to hear it sing built-in songs Press the right wing to change the volume Pick it up by the neck to hear it quack and flap its wings The ON/OFF switch is at the bottom. Specifications Size: 11.8" inches (30 cm) Material: Plush Fill Material: PP Cotton Suitable for: Babies, toddlers, infants & kids Suitable Age: 12+ months.

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